What is a Professional Landscaper & What Do They Do?

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Probably we all have attempted to “do” our own garden only to find that it took longer than expected and certainly the results were not what we strived for! I don’t know how many homeowners gave up the idea of self-help and have agreed to get help from professionals. However, I assume there are perhaps two reasons that inspire homeowners to invent their own garden rather than seeking the help of a professional. Either they think the professional service would be outrageously expensive or they worry about the risk of being hoodwinked by a “cowboy” landscaper. However, the first factor is actually delusional and this fear can be eliminated if you do a detailed study. It might surprise you that hiring a professional landscaper can actually save you money.  The second factor is addressed in this blog so you can identify who are professional landscapers in Sydney and can exclude the risk of being fooled. 


Who is a professional landscaper

A professional landscaper is someone who plays a crucial role in rectifying the aesthetic appeal of your house. With the blend of their love for the ‘soil & water’ and knowledge of ‘plants & lush,’ they construct a gardening layout that is more specialised, more interesting and more alluring. They possess a set of landscaping skills as well as are trained to design a garden that reflects your personal taste and preferences. Future it also gives an outline of their ages of experience. 

They are hired to work on all aspects of the garden setting. From lawn to a flower bed, selecting shrubs to construct pathways, building fences to rockeries and everything in between. They deal with all the needs of your garden. Their role encompasses a list of many potential components such as: preparing the ground, raking, weeding, mowing, fertilising, irrigating, digging, mulching, pruning and selecting plants. 

Prominent landscapers will understand the weather conditions hence they help to select certain flowers, plants, trees and shrubs which can thrive well in the area. Further, they have an insight into designing a garden that can impact the environment and its wildlife. They know the strategies to attract more birds, bees to a garden area as well as give the right advice on composting and mulching. 


What sorts of jobs do they do? 

There are majorly an array of things professional landscapers in Sydney can offer however, it’s not like a person will show up and will do all the jobs like ‘Genie’. Actually, they work in a team of people who has a knack for their specialised field such as: 


Landscape designers 

They are responsible as well as specialised for the overall design, they create a layout or day a vision on which the team will work together to bring it into reality. Precisely it’s the initial step of the project. They hear your ideas and accordingly plan the concept for the main project. It’s like they create a raw map on which the other team can navigate, this map also includes the raw measurements and designing areas.


Fixture construction specialist

Next on the line are those who are specialised in fixture construction. They’re responsible for ascertaining all sorts of practical elements on the property. They work together with other gardeners to synergise their efforts while finding the perfect place to set the focal point.



Hardscapers are those who take care of the pathways and paving system. They play with all types of stone fixtures to lend you a stunning powerful visual and practical presence of the garden. 


Practical irrigation

Landscape designers create an organic, vegetable garden often work with an irrigation system to deliver optimal water through the saplings as significantly as possible. They work together to establish different irrigation systems such as automated drips, large-scale sprinklers, and Central pivot etc. 

Some are accountable for decorative elements, physical features, they come up with creative aspects of the designs which bring focus to the garden while reflecting the owner’s individualism. They certainly optimize the appearance of your personal oasis. 


What all they offer

  • Build pond
  • Rebuild or garden fence
  • Mow and lawn
  • Weeding and manicuring 
  • Repaint fences and sheds
  • Create rockery
  • Create pathways
  • Cut down overhanging branches
  • Enhance the look to make it more appealing and property more sellable
  • Help building a garden from scratches
  • Assist in selecting the right trees, shrubs, flowers and foliage
  • Design and create a zen garden, xeriscape garden etc.


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