Tips for choosing the right gardener

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Tips for choosing the right gardener

After working for 8-9 hours sitting in a cubicle, the last thing anyone would desire is to go home and again get packed within four walls. But thanks to our yard! Which leads us to an extra room to cultivate a place that leverages an aesthetic niche to relax in the lap of nature after a hectic, tiring day. Indeed a garden intensifies the look of our house but also increases the home value. We know the benefits of gardens are well documented and undoubtedly it is a must-have to take the aesthetic of your home a level up. But wait! How will you make that a classy, well-maintained alcove of paradise? Of course, you can work elbow-deep in the soil fishing out weeds, but after working all day long instead of having fun, spending your spare time like this is so not fair! However, you can give a soul to your garden with the help of an experienced gardener who can amplify the place 10 fold more as well as will take some of the load off your shoulder. 

Now the question is, how do you find the ideal gardener? 

Hiring a gardener is no easy feat! It also requires some research on your end. Moreover, it’s essential to consider some factors while choosing a gardener for your yard. Let’s explore all the essential aspects to appoint the right gardener for your gardening and landscaping services.

Hunt around

If you’re new to that location then the best thing you can do is take a drive/explore around the town or the internet and hunt out gardeners. You can also ask for recommendations from your friends and neighbours they know, check out their garden and consider only if you’re satisfied with the results.

Set your goal

It’s important to know beforehand what kind of garden you’d want in your yard; Like if you’d wish to have a tropical garden, container garden, botanical garden, zen garden, patio garden or xeriscape garden. Presetting the goal will help in finding the one who would have an expert eye on that particular type.

Check our their previous projects

Looking into their previous gardening and landscaping projects will get you an idea about their work. Check what is their expertise, testimonials or you ask about their ongoing project. Visit the landscape they have worked on or have been working on to see if it meets your expectations or not.

Experience counts on

Be it anything, experience always counts and the same goes for the gardeners. Whether you choose to take a company’s service or decide to hire an independent gardener, always check for how long they have been in the service. The more experience means the more complicated situations they have dealt with, no wonder experience adds value to the work and enables them to be more creative and experimenting. This is why you should always look for someone possessing at least five years of experience, although they can be quite expensive, but will be well worth the money.


If you’ve thought of creating a focal point or get a special task done in the yard, then you should consider their specialisation into the field you’ve in your mind. Like – if you want to get mixed landscaping then you should look for the hands who are specialized in landscaping and maintaining plants and shrubs while if your preference is an avenue garden get someone who has a knack for tree care. Besides, for normal maintenance tasks like tree pruning, dead wooding, grass manicuring then look for an individual skilled in tree care and maintenance.

Check if they know the climatic conditions.

Every place is different and has different climatic conditions, so make sure your gardener possesses knowledge of the specific climatic condition. If you’re searching for a gardener on the north shore then check if they understand Sydney garden’s need and what type of plant can grow well in & sustain in that environment.

Compare prices and service

Rather than going for the one, you find initially, pick four to five gardeners, analyze their services, price range, previous projects and strengths. Start your hunt by finding them online, then the next important step is to compare their prices and benefits. Don’t believe that you can only achieve a gorgeous garden by paying a huge amount, you can even get the best gardener with a considerable price tag. So, do thorough research to hunt for quality service. 

If your gardener hunt is on, then you can stop your hunt now. Take our top-notch gardening services in Sydney from our expert and professional gardeners in Northshore – who have years of experience and understand all your garden needs. Contact us to get solutions for all the gardening and landscaping need call us today to get your quote on 0403 037 497

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