Small backyard ideas Australia

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Small backyard ideas Australia

Who doesn’t seek for a lovely glimpse when you peek out of your window or who doesn’t like to add an extra room in their backyard. We believe everybody deserves their green leafy paradise, a space to roam around, and outdoor entertainment. Outdoor space can increase our enjoyment but this can be worrisome if you have a small backyard space. However, you also can create your little Paradise, all you need to do is open the box of your creativity.

Here we’ve got some amazing ideas to turn your small backyard into your comfortable, functional, and impressive outdoor space.

Vertical gardening

Don’t let your walls limit your creativity. Make use of your fence to create a vertical garden. There are so many ways to do this, some of them are- Place hanging planters by the walls or you can use a trellis to hang pots. You can also make columns and add your favorite pot plant to them.

Plant wisely

Planting wisely is equally important as planting. While shopping for your shrubbery choose upward growing trees such as- maple tree, Persian Ironwood, cheery, magnolia, and bamboo. Tall and thin trees will add a lush to the landscape, they can give you attractive greenery, shade and provide fresh air without consuming much space. 

Strategically plant the ones you want, make your garden on the edges and leave the middle area bare or place a focal element. This arrangement will make it easier for the regular upkeep of your garden beds. It’ll also give your garden an organized look.

Create an illusion

When you don’t have the option to create space then, you can create an illusion of a bigger space. 

Borrow your neighbor’s yard, you can do this by simply saying no to fences or garden walls on your property instead plant trees like that of your neighbor’s. This will blur the borders of your property and will give the illusion of a vast area.

Another thing you can do is, layer plants of different heights and leaf sizes doing this also creates an illusion of space.

Choose miniature furniture

Choose a small scale and inconspicuous furniture like lean benches, slim profile metal furniture, and benches without backs. These seats blend beautifully with the landscape and create and make your small backyard feel a lot bigger.

You can also do smart shopping by opting for items that can be multifunctional like- storage box bench, it can be used to store garden tools and as a bench as well.

Terrace gardening

Consider having rooftop landscaping this will enable designated space. Space below the walls could be used for dining, lounging, cooking, children’s play area or it simply can be double as bench seating. 

Or you can have a trellis built above and cover the top with native vines. These ideas will make your small yard look bigger.

Mosaic pathway

Give your yard character and color with a mosaic pathway. 

Lay the stones using detailed shapes or in interesting patterns. This will add contrast with the greenery moreover they will divert the attention of your guests from the small area.

White backyard

Light color creates a fallacy of space. Create a white seating area with colorful cushions, add white paint on the wood frames or Paint the walls white. You can even create a canopy using white drapes. Pair the light background with light hue planters this will add a splash of colors. 

The white color yard will give the feel of a large space, it’s perfect for a cool, airy summer evening.

Add a statement

Add a statement in your small space by creating a focal point with a water feature, sculpture, or fire pit. You can put it in a water fountain or a small pond, the piece will enhance your design and it’ll draw focus. It also adds depth to the garden.

Add layers

Elevate certain areas of your backyard with raised garden beds, layer the garden with soft and gentle plants with mixed foliage texture. The steps leading to different levels visually increase the size of the yard. Give each space its own feel by mixing materials like decking, stonework, and grass.

Corner seating space

Cultivate a delusion of a wider space. Create a room in the corner; place the furniture in the nooks leaving the rest of the area open.

Narrow pool

Pools are only limited to large backyard let’s make this a myth. You can have a narrow lap pool to enjoy the sizzling summer nights or you can just add fire to stay by in the chilly evenings.

Potable play space

With the compromising yard size, we’d never want you to compromise with your big-time fun for kids. Get a portable swing set or make an A-frame tent they can go indoor and out conveniently. Set it up on the nook and you’re good to enjoy the evening altogether.

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