Why you need to look at Landscaping solutions?

In Sydney, it is common to see landscaping to cost around 10% of your entire home’s cost. 

According to Hipages, the average rate of an experienced landscaper is between $55 and $70 an hour. Apart from that you also need to look at $850 for the garden design. On top of these, you also need to account for up to $6,000 for 10 pages of design work.

The total minimum landscaping expense comes to around $8,000 to $12,000 depending upon the size of your garden, home and your design preferences. 

Do you really need to spend upwards of $15,000 for your garden landscaping?

It depends on various factors and is a worthy expense. 

But does that mean you have to spend without thought and logic? 

The answer is a definite NO.

And we have the below landscape solutions or factors to be considered while hiring a landscaper:

  1. Do the planning – It is a great decision to hire a landscaper and give them the entire project to oversee, develop and execute the landscaping plan. That being said, it is also good to plan it as per your preferences first and then call in the expert so that you have clarity on what you want. This way, you are saving precious hours and a lot of back and forth. 
  2. Visit & browse other landscaped solutions – Visit your neighbours, browse on the Internet for inspiration and garden ideas. Check up on the portfolios of various landscapers to understand whether you like their work or not. Having a few ideas to go in for the discussion with the landscaper can help you come to an agreement faster.
  3. Shop around – For all the shopaholics, this piece of advice will be liberating, for others, it can be a smart move. Buy local stuff. Get Mulch, backyard sale stuff, items on sale in the malls, etc. Most of these items are cheap and can be fashionable if used in the right manner. If not, you are anyway going to call in the expert to incorporate them into the plan.
  4. Account the lawn size: Decide on what you want – areas with grass or flowerbeds with plenty of native plants. The cost of your landscaping is purely dependent on this. 
  5. Think different – Everyone would be having monocultures. Let’s try to be different and combine different types of turf. This can reduce the overall costs as well. 
  6. Hedge plants are not out of fashion – In fact, they are low-maintenance. Trim them to fill up those awkward garden beds. Easy to maintain and grow, they are a blessing for all Do it yourself gardening enthusiasts.
  7. Work with what seems to be the best use of your space. 
  8. Is it privacy or fancy – Most prefer privacy over a fancy looking garden landscaping option. But if you look at things smartly from the start, you can get both of them. 
  9. Running costs – The kind of plants selected, the terrain, the overall plan and then there is a running cost associated with your garden. Planning these elements out is crucial. Else, you’ll soon have a high-maintenance garden and trouble with weeds or pests if regular upkeep is not done. 

Hope these tips have helped you with your landscape solutions. Call us for any landscaping need of yours at 0403 037 497 or visit our website here

Why you need to look at Landscaping solutions?
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Why you need to look at Landscaping solutions?
In Sydney, it is common to see landscaping to cost around 10% of your entire home's cost. But that does not mean you have to spend so much. Read on to know more.
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