How much does landscaping and gardening cost in Sydney

What is the cost of landscaping and gardening? It seems a common question among new homeowners or who want landscaping for their yards and create their dream outdoor space. 

To add value to your home, landscaping and gardening are the most effective ways when you are about to sell your home and move on. Landscaping can be a sound investment, whether you like to plant some foliage or install lighting

Nowadays, DIY stores and home renovation stores are rising rapidly which making the landscaping be like planting some trees, you can buy some cheap water feature, buying some mulch. But Kangaroo Paw is giving you a head-up because trying to create your own landscape is not such a good idea. To create an ideal landscape, it requires a lot of creative thought, planning, proper tools and equipment and hard work.

Gardening can be ordering your existing garden or developing it, landscaping is another matter. Landscaping is the central framework, including soiling, planting, pavers, a maintaining wall and other constructed structures.

In this article, we will discuss gardening and landscaping cost separately, but before that, you will take a tour of why should you hire a professional of landscaping.

Why you should hire a professional for landscaping:

When you are doing your own landscaping may seem like a good idea, but soon you will find out you are up to the neck. If you are an enthusiastic person about the outdoor works, you can DIY your own landscaping but there can be some works which are too demanding

So, hiring a professional landscaper can ensure you landscaping reliable, on time and give importance to your personal preferences, also suggest new ideas and innovative products.

The landscapers are very talented they can turn you outdoor into your own oasis. Their skills of making landscape can give you that satisfaction from planting flowers, trees, other greenery, installing garden beds, to building walls, creating shaded areas like patios, adding rocks, installing colourful tiles a landscaper can do it all.

The experts from KangarooPaw can help to come to your dream landscaping in reality. But now the question in your mind is what will be the cost of hiring an expert from KangarooPaw for your landscaping.

How much does landscaping cost in Sydney:

It is impossible to determine the exact cost of landscaping because of every yard and desired design is different. But we can give you an idea of what landscaper company and materials can cost. 

Landscaping can add value to your home. Always keep in mind that additional large scale landscaping means additional cost like:

  • Pool installation
  • Excavation
  • Driveway

You should hire a landscaper who can manage all the aspects of your landscaping. KangrarooPaw will take care of all the aspects, you will see how we will make your yard into heaven.

Here you can see a brief of landscaping average cost by KangarooPaw:

  • A landscape designer will cost for a plan for $800 to $850
  • For experienced landscaping labour $60 to $70
  • Full design with 3D rendering $3000 to $6000
  • For installing new retaining walls and new plants around $3000
  • For natural turf putting and garden lighting around $2500
  • Planting new trees, foliage can cost around $3500
  • Full landscaping with new plants and lawn on the empty yard can cost around $6000
  • For building a deck around $160 to $220 per square metre
  • Installing a pool, it can cost between $25,000 and $100,000(based on the pool area and materials)
  • For water feature, it can cost between $9000 to $25000(based on the size of the feature and materials use)

We have shown an average cost of full landscaping. If you want only gardening for your existing garden or want a new garden, how much it will cost. You will see the average gardening cost of KangarooPaw.

How much does gardening cost in Sydney:

If you have an existing garden and you want to renovate it or want to make a new garden, you don’t have to pay for full landscaping work. You only need to contact KangarooPaw to hire a garden maintenance service. Garden maintenance usually charges $60 to $70 per hour.

The gardening cost depends on the jobs and other factors such as yard area. Some common gardening jobs cost:

  • For lawn mowing: $60 to $80
  • For hedging: $60 to $180
  • For garden clean up: $60 to $100
  • For garden maintenance: $60 to $109

To get the best price for gardening contact us on 0403 037 497, we can do everything that you need and can do the complete job. You can also add garden edging to tidying up the areas between your lawn and garden. Landscaping can add 6 to 7 per cent to the value of your home, as per Sydney’s real estate and landscaping experts.

How much does landscaping and gardening cost in Sydney
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