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Living in the heart of the city comes with lots of perks but there is certainly one thing which most of the homeowners miss: it’s none other than a cosy backyard. As we already know the inner city of Sydney has high traffic which makes it hard to own a property that has a yard alongside and perhaps the reason why buildings are climbing the chart. Although urban houses lack yards, we can’t refute that the rooftops are not much behind in the race. The rooftop lends us the same chance to escape the chaos and enter in our own little alcove as well as enjoy the great view of suburbs in complete secrecy. The best part of these urban rooftop designs is they provide a perfect place to enjoy our summer evening, the enchanting sunset view and relax after a long day. And if you blend the lush and blooms with a well-designed rooftop then you can indeed achieve a ubiquitous and gorgeous little paradise. 

An intelligently designed rooftop garden has the magic to turn an uninviting area into a beautiful urban oasis while providing the same backyard feel. 

So if you want to have your green oasis then check out our latest terrace garden design ideas.


Keep it open

Even if you’ve got a small rooftop yet you make it look big by creating an illusion. 

Keep it open and let the breeze in! Other things you can consider are transparent glass instead of the parapet wall. Create fences, railing, or hedge around the border and this will do the job. But if you’re concerned about privacy or don’t like the constantly prying eyes of your neighbours then drop this idea. 


Have tall plants

This idea is perfect for a large area and if you don’t have a pleasing view from the rooftop or if you want to achieve a real garden feel then do a little mix and match of small shrubs and tall plants. Infuse high vegetation around the edges/walls to maximise the greenery and corner yourself from the city lights. Bamboos and tall grasses are great combinations and low maintenance picks, but you’ve time then you have an array of options available to choose from.


Choose smartly

When it comes to creating an aesthetic niche in a limited area then ensure you don’t rush and carefully maintain the diversity in the size of plants. Make it a complete package by adding a few large plants, shrubs, small trees and ground covers. Also, infuse containers of different sizes for creating a fallacy and cultivating a great look for your rooftop garden.


Add furniture

This step is something that should be decided on in the first stage of planning. So deduced what look you want to cultivate, would you like to make it an enjoying cocktail party space or a big dinner feast. When you’ve decided on then pick the furniture which compliments the theme of your garden.


Light it up

Lighting plays a very crucial role in intensifying the aura of the niche and during the evening your rooftop garden must be well-lit. It has two reasons: first, it’s essential to prevent any mishap from happening so areas like a stairwell, door and edges must contain good lighting; second, lighting highlights the features and adds a dimension to the area and of course, it amplifies the look tenfold more. 


Add a focal point 

Just like a yard, your rooftop garden also requires a focal point that can attract all the eyes towards it. You can add any attractive thing to make a focal point, it can be a water feature, tall trees, succulent corner, fire point, tall tree, statue or even beautifully arranged container. Any eye-soothing thing can simply do the job. 


Utilize the vertical space

If you’re short on area then use your vertical space to add more space. You can use this vertical wall in many ways, you can create a vertical garden, hang planters on the walls, put on boxes and plant your favourite plants, use railing planters and grow climbers. This will simply give more space to try creativity and make the place look lusher and appeasing.


Don’t forget the floors 

While spending all-time selecting plants, pots and seating don’t forget to check on the floors. Flooring is a hidden element that plays a crucial role in adding interest to your rooftop garden. Thus choose the flooring types which goes along with the theme and fits your budget. Also, make sure it suits the climate and withstand the weather change. 

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