What do you need to know about pools and landscaping?

We explore all pool landscaping trends for 2021 that you need to be aware of in Sydney. And why it is necessary now than ever to have a pool and landscaping in your backyard, small or big.

With easy access to spectacular northern beaches, one used to wonder if there was a need for pools within your own home in Sydney. 

But the recent, conditions and shifting focus towards sustainable homes has made a massive impact on home building, maintenance and upkeep. 

And with the summer around the corner. It’s a perfect time to be talking about pools, gardens and the landscaping that goes with it. 

So to start with here are some basics – 

  1. Best homes have pools in them.
  2. Property with pool has better resale value.
  3. The maintenance of the pool and its landscaping costs around $2000 to $3000 per year
  4. Eastern suburbs luxury homes have by far stunning pools.
  5. Hottest pool trends for 2021
    1. Summer and its impact
    2. Lockdown & health
    3. Aged people actively swim – http://www.roymorgan.com/findings/8416-sports-activities-participation-rates-among-older-australians-march-2020-202005220501 – but everyone should be swimming. It’s one of the best exercises one can get. 
    4. Gas heated or electrically heated pools – if used often, electric is the best, if used less or rarely – gas heaters are preferred.
  6. Incredible landscaping to help you get into the zone of peace and calm

Liked the basics & trends for 2021? 

Well, we are sure you’ll love the below insights too:

  1. The requirement now – Having a pool and landscaped garden in your home is no longer a privilege but is part of the standard home package now.
  2. What’s involved? – A pool system – excavation costs are based on the area, pump and other equipment, fencing, Geotech reports and private certifier’s fees, tiles, electrical work, landscaping and deck
  3. Sydney has over 15% of its houses with pools, and this trend is growing across the state as per Roy Morgan’s research. 
  4. Automation is now the trend – Automated sprinklers, heating and lights for the pool and landscaped garden surrounding it is a must. Maybe soon we will have automated robots taking care of the grass and other upkeep of the lawn.
  5. Solar heating – as electric heating is the choice for frequent swimmers, to mitigate costs, solar heating options are the preferred way to go for many homeowners.
  6. Small backyard pools are on the rise – gone are the days where having a big swimming pool, in the middle of a yard was the trend. Now, small yet fashionably designed and landscaped gardens & pools are trending. Their typical range is 22,000 to 60,000 litres in capacity. 
  7.  Pool cover and smart energy systems – controlling the heating are crucial to managing the operational costs. So energy-efficient 5-star rated pumps, smart home driven lights and heaters + a pool cover to keep the heat in are all ways to save energy. 


Now let’s look at the landscaping around them.

  1. Soft landscape helps bring life to the outdoor space.
  2. The key is that the landscaping has to integrate with your entertainment area, your home and your pool. It is all one area.
  3. A beautiful architectural designed house needs an equally beautiful landscaped garden to go with it.
  4. Plant selection has to be in sync with the kind of water, minerals used in your pool. It should match them and at the same time also suit them.
  5. Pool fence has to be selected much more carefully so that it does not compromise the look of the backyard. Glass is the top contender in terms of durability. But sometimes, usage of high-quality stainless steel and reinforced concrete can go very well with the overall plan. 

Just take care of these points for your pools and landscaping. If in doubt as to what needs to be done and for incredible landscaping ideas for your backyard, big or small call us at 0403 037 497 or visit our website here.