Matching your Garden to your home

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While a garden has become an essential element of the house, it has brought along the requisite of giving it a mesmerising design. After all, well-cultivated landscaping increases the aesthetic appeal of a house. But as much as a garden is important for a magnificent home, it’s equally important to coordinate the palette of your garden and house to achieve an artful manifestation and cohesive design. And actually, this is the toughest task! Although it can be accomplished by linking a house and garden by using paint colours that can be repeated in foliage or flowers, such as natural colour paint will blend perfectly with Burgundy trim, these combinations flawlessly suit with home’s charm and provide a fitting background for the garden. 

So if you’re planning on buying a new home or envisioning upgrading the current look of your house then start planning your garden with us. With our overarching gardening & landscaping designs, harmonise with your home’s architecture and interior style while lending you achieve your own oasis which matches your lifestyle as well. 


Match the colour scheme

Matching your house colour as a backdrop for your garden’s foliage or flower is apparently the simplest way to link the interior and exterior. Think of your house colour as the flower painting canvas. So you can either echo your home’s colour scheme, or you can select a plant countering colours to make the alcove pop. 

Generally, simple colours such as beige, white, pastels, brown or cool blue, are easiest to integrate with a garden, precisely the simple colours scheme often work best as background. However, palettes may be sophisticated, dramatic, natural, depending on your own personal preferences and taste which blends with the surrounding landscape. The colour of the foliage and flowers are basically needed to add contrast so all those colours that show up well against your house will be an ideal fit. 

Luckily, many modern homes are painted with pastel or natural colour which makes them perfect to meld into the natural greenery. While dealing with the simple coloured house, the landscape’s colour scheme should harmonize with the backdrop. Suppose a cool house colour such as blue, green, purple blends well with cool plants colours. Likewise warm coloured houses like yellow, pink, and apricot, harmonize well with warm featured plants. The next you can do to animate things is incorporate colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel. 

A bright painted house is quite dramatic and is better off with equally spectacular colours in the landscaping. Therefore with a bright house, include plants having vivid hues such as plants with red leaves or flowers, black rose succulents, red cyclamens or blood leaf. 


Size of your yard

If you’re blessed with a huge yard, then indeed you can put in as much creativity you can. You can intensity the design with winding pathways that outline different kinds of gardens. Whether you want a zen garden, wish to put in the blossoms, rose garden, rock garden, perennial or herb garden you can try out whatever you strive for. Besides, it leverages the amplification and intensity of the entire look with plants like hostas and hydrangeas. 

If you’ve got a tiny little yard then few things should be kept in mind to create an illusion of a big porch. Avoid flanking your home’s entrance with massive flowers which might eat up space while emphasising your small space. So choose plants with small petals trailing plants like lobelia etc. 


Plant according to the structure 

The plant selection can significantly affect and intensify your home design and features; suppose your house design features sleek, angular lines then choose the plant with long, straight leaves (like bamboo, dragon tree) which can accentuate and compliment the overall design. 


Play and pause in every season

This might be the most cliche advice, however, it’s certainly the most valuable till today. Although you can choose the best plants to accentuate the exterior charm, don’t forget to give a nook to the native plants which can thrive well in your home environment. The other benefits of planting native plants are you can rewrite the enchanting statement while showing off your house in every season. Yet make sure to have something in your garden and landscape which can be red for each season and also fill in the gaps while looking colourful all year round. 

Modern gardening and landscaping have very extensive designs which are compatible to fit in any spirit. Such as if you’re a person who has an affection for desserts then you can cultivate a xeriscaped lawn or if you lack space yet seek a lush green environment then a vertical garden and vertical walls can be your saviour, further they work well with modern architecture as well. 

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