Make your garden part of your home

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Make your garden part of your home

Be it watching cherry blossoms in their full glory or feeling the tickling grass under your feet while walking on your lawn, we can’t deny that gardens have a certain universal appeal. There is something about their presence that allows us to escape from the modern, chaotic world while offering its lap to relax and brighten our lives. Much of this has to do with something intrinsic in human beings or maybe from the Garden of Eden to the garden of our own we all have been inheriting to appreciate the natural world. Now when we know that we all love the scenic view then why don’t we give it space in our backyard? 

This is why in this blog, We’ll answer the question ‘why should you make your garden part of your home’ as well as ‘why is it important for our lives.’

It benefits your health

We always hear this phrase ‘garden adds benefit to your health’ thrown all around, also its health benefits have been well-documented. So, here are some of the advantages which a garden brings to you:

  • Being outside increases your exposure to vitamin D, which is good for your bone, teeth and muscles. Meanwhile, you can just sit back and relax in the lovely niche while it will deliver goodness to you. 
  • Gardening activities decrease the risk of dementia.
  • The exquisite setting lends you a perfect place for meditation which eventually helps to ease the stress, tension and relieve your soul and mind.
  • The work you will do to enhance your garden will act as an investment in your body – the physical labour required in the gardening activity helps to strengthen your bones as well as its good for the heart.

It cheers up your mood

Several trials have revealed that gardening can actually effect on mood and mental health. Besides the happiness of seeing your tiny plant bearing fruits, it also has been found in a study that the mycobacterium present in the soil increases serotonin production (also known as happy chemical)  in the brain which boosts your mood.

So, by getting your hands dirty, you can make yourself happy!

It lends you an extra room

From sipping the morning coffee to enjoying barbeque night, your garden always dwells ready to give you space where you can stretch your legs. Moreover, the prime advantage of a well organised exotic garden is that you’ll not have to worry about quick plans because your garden can lend you a welcoming space. The blooming plants, lush green, the fire pit will always add charm to your place and can be perfect for any parties and gathering. However, for a well-organised garden, you might need the best gardening team; well don’t worry! We’ll give you a hand in your gardening service in Sydney.

Access to fresh veggies

Whilst the vegetables and fruits should be rich with nutrients whereas, nowadays it’s loaded with harmful chemicals. We often hear the veggies and fruits we buy from the supermarket are prone to have remnant pesticides & weedicides which can be harmful to your health. However, you can source your food straight from your garden, which will be safe to consume and more importantly it will be grown by your own hands. Although it might take a lot of hard work to maintain, but, it surely is worth the rewards. Moreover, you certainly reap what you sow.

If you need advice about your gardening needs then you can always reach us, our best gardeners in North shore are all buckled up to help you out.

Contribute to the environment

The very word ‘garden’ instantly brings the idea of greenery and makes us think of the environment. Now if you’re wondering what your tiny garden can contribute to the environment then, hold on let me explain! despite being human-made and differences in the size of the garden, it certainly creates an environmental impression as well as represents the natural environment. 

We all are well aware of the fact that plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the environment. Further, they reduce the glares from the building and soak up unwanted noises. On top of all, they also help to minimise pollution to some extent. Apart from bestowing goodies to humankind, they also provide habitat to different life forms and create a safe environment for them.

Garden connects you to nature

We sure need to connect with society for our living but, as a human, we also need connections for our mind, body, spirit and soul and indeed garden allows us to form that special connection with them. This alone can be a valid justification to the question ‘why we should make a garden part of our home’. 

Now if you’re all set to welcome an elegant garden in your yard then we’re here!

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