Landscaping Advice For Sydney Homeowners

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A landscape should aim to be an aesthetically pleasing, inviting place that finds a balance between functionality and art in a way that meets the needs of the homeowner. Naturally, all landscapes are going to require some form of maintenance. Landscaping services in Sydney provide services like maintenance which keeps your garden healthy and attractive throughout the year. You might also choose to be your own landscaper in Sydney. Below we provide a few low maintenance landscaping tips that can help a busy homeowner. 


1. Pick Native Plants

If you love plants but need a low maintenance option, then native plants are the way to go. This is because they’re made for the local climate, so they do not need any extra care and attention above what’s normally required. Simply make note of the growing conditions in your garden and choose plants that are specifically suited to them if you are your own landscaper in Sydney. 


2. The Graceful Sweep of a Curve

The sweep of a curve lends a gracious air to a landscape. Your eye cannot help but follow it around. By laying out a plant bed or even a walkway in a strong, playful line you invite people to explore. And a curved flower bed combines color and shape to make a garden more enticing. You can take help from professional landscapers in Sydney to help you grow your garden into such beauty.


3. Repeat Colours and Textures

Planting one of everything gives your garden a haphazard look. Avoid that by reusing the same colors, shapes, or plant varieties all around your landscape. This will give your garden a uniform look and make it more attractive. You can always consult landscapers in Sydney to help you choose the right flowers and plants for your garden. 


4. Make the most of Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are some of the most important players in a well designed landscape. It’s easy to use them to make an impact, especially if you select varieties that have colorful foliage. Go a step further with some creative pruning. Hire professional landscapers in Sydney if you are unaware about the type of trees and shrubs that could fit well in your garden.


5. Place Garden beds in your Lawn

It’s easy to plan all your beds and borders along the perimeter of your property, but adding an island bed that floats in your lawn is a simple landscaping idea for a good-looking yard. Make island beds extra effective by adding height to the center. Plus, you need to walk around the planting to see what’s behind it, so it adds a bit of mystery. Landscapers in Sydney have experience with garden landscaping and can help you grow your garden bed into a transformative beauty. 


6. Break up the Monotony with Boldly Shaped Plants

Embrace plant shapes, and use them in your landscape ideas. Tuck in a few tall, upright plants to draw the eye up and break up the monotony that comes along with using a lot of mounding shrubs and perennials. Design yards with weeping plants, too, they add excitement, visual energy, and a unique graceful shape to your yard.

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