How to Select a Shrub For your Yard

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When you think of a beautiful garden, then what all comes to your mind? Green lush tickling grass? Colourful perennial flowers? A striking focal point, and the marvellous road leading to the little heaven? Yes! This is apparently the idea of an elegant garden. Now imagine the picture without any flowers, foliage and greenery, does that look as pleasing as before? I guess no! I suppose that’s why shrubs and bushes are essential for a landscape. But now the question is, how would you maintain the magic all year round? Yes, you can do it, by researching the shrubs that stay alive and healthy. By picking up the right one, you can ensure that your little Paradise is as beautiful as you wanted it to be. 

We believe plant selection should always be initiated by researching the qualities of the specific specimens. These come in many different sizes, shapes, flowers and foliage. So, select the element that will give your yard the structure and looks you were striving for. To help you make the right decision, we’ve singled out shrubs that will do just right in your garden.


Choose the Right Colours

The Colour of shrubs, foliage and flowers influence the visual impression of your garden.  So, before you randomly pick anything, make a rough sketch of the garden that you want to achieve. It will help you navigate in the correct direction. 

The leaves of shrubs come in various colours or say in almost all colours that you can enjoy their abundance throughout every season. From red to yellow, green to brown and even black, you get all the options in your platter. The colour you choose will directly impact the visual of your yard while some options may flatter your garden in multiple ways. Keep all the options in and don’t limit your imagination, go beyond green, including soft blue, red, violet, and cream with green. These hues will look more striking and add dept to the landscape. Thus you should carefully evaluate while selecting the right one for your yard. 


Shape and Size

You must have seen rounded shaped shrubs, they are the most usual shape but apparently, it’s not the only option you’ve got. You can give them any shape you desire. But again not any shrub can do the job, for this you will be required to pick up something which has low outward branches (prostrate), or whose branches droop downward. And just prune them into any interesting shape you want. 

Regardless of the shape, size is another factor you should consider while selecting. If you’ve got a small yard then do not go for larger leaves as it will eat up most of the area while making it look more compact. Don’t worry you still have options though! Luckily some species are also available in dwarf form, especially conifers which can do absolutely well in smaller areas. 


Drought Tolerant Options

Although most of the shrubs are quite drought-tolerant, they still require good care in the initial days. To make sure of their longevity, always keep a keen eye on the nutrients requirements, bugs and check upon water statutes, for at least a year so the roots can be well established to grow further. 

If you’re environment-conscious then you can always choose shrubs that require less water and tolerate dry conditions. Potentilla, spirea, and viburnums are few alternatives that can be considered. 


Climate Conditions of Your Surrounding

The climatic conditions of every region are different so not all shrubs can withstand all climates. Some might grow well in some regions while they can’t do well in others. Thus, it’s always a smart idea to research the shrub you chose so you don’t end up disappointing. Check the list of shrubs, foliage, flowers that are good go-to in your region and consider choosing from them – By doing so you will have a stronger and healthier plant that contributes to enhancing your garden’s aesthetic while making the maintenance less complicated. 


Choose Native Plants

Native plants are an evergreen option as they’ve been existing in the surrounding/ region for almost centuries. Most likely they’ve adapted to local climate as well as soil conditions. Moreover, they usually don’t require extra effort, maintenance, water as well as tend to resist pests and diseases.  And the best perk of these plants are, they attract bees, birds, and butterflies to your yard. 

Some of the great options are: 

  • Mountain laurel
  • Bayberry
  • Oakleaf hydrangea
  • Sweet pepperbush
  • Virginia sweetspire
  • Dwarf fothergilla
  • Bottlebrush buckeye
  • Viburnum 


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