Gardening and landscaping service in Middle Cove

Growing your little tiny saplings in your backyard or taking care of the lush green landscape gives a beautiful touch to the property and peace to the soul. Be it a residential area or a commercial estate, well-maintained landscapes have always been the centre of attraction. For decades landscaping and gardening have become much more than beautification of the yard, it’s a place of entertainment, relaxation and can be a place of conservation human activities. 

Spending time in your garden taking care of the saplings can be a most relaxing job at the same time you get a well maintained, decorated and healthy garden; since our lives are all occupied, the work which is supposed to be relaxing often becomes a chore, therefore nowadays homeowners prefer to hire a specialist gardener to perform – and that’s where we arrive for the rescue!

We treat your garden as if it's ours.

Who doesn’t enjoy relaxing, sunny outdoor, particularly in an aesthetically incredible niche! though, the tricky work of achieving this can be worrisome and time taking.

Kangaroo paw gardening and landscaping service understand your problem thus we’re here to resolve this with our outstanding high-level gardening maintenance service in Middle Cove. Whether your Middle Cove garden is tropical or formal, cottage or native American style, our competent team can design, maintain and suggest ideas according to your specific brief. 

Further, we analyse your gardening needs from the initial design phase right through to the constant maintenance of your complete project. And once we start we do not step back – be it creating a new garden from scratch, maintaining an existing garden or transforming old gardening

we always work in the same way, constantly to break our own benchmark and satisfy busy home-owners by taking care of their Middle Cove gardening requirements.

We've a knack for ideas

Be it designing your vertical gardening, terrace gardening, adding layered garden beds or pools, we retain a lot more ideas and experience to get all sorts of jobs done.

If your old pavement is stealing the attention then don’t fret, we won’t let an old boring pathway embezzle the overall beauty as we’ve got you solutions to make them look more interesting and inviting by making it compatible with space and the changes we make accordingly.

Kangaroo Paw Gardening Services team photo

Perks of kangaroo paw team

Kangaroo paw landscaping and gardening services are extensively varied, we tailor our assistance to each and every client’s needs. Whatever is needed, we help to bring your dream garden to life in a way that meets your goals and budget.

We value time! and to stay ahead of it we do our best to complete the task within the specified timeline as well as budget. 

Our team works closely with the clients to obtain mandatory consents to identify and remove or prune unhealthy, damaged trees or branches and remove them from the property. With our extensive research,

we discover the best trees according to your area and can develop a long term plan for a new replacement tree to ensure they add value, provide shade, maximise light and bring colours to your property.

Kangaroo paw services include:

  1. Garden makeovers Middle Cove 
  2. Gardeners Middle Cove
  3. Landscapers Middle Cove
  4. Landscaping Middle Cove
  5. Gardening Middle Cove
  6. Tree services Middle Cove
  7. Turf laying Middle Cove
  8. Maintenance and development

We can help with all your Middle Cove gardening needs all you need to do is ring our bell 0403 037 497 Or reach us at