6 Pool Landscaping Ideas You Need To Consider

When homeowners like you decide to add a pool to your yard, it is an advantage to have a pool landscape which will ensure the entire installation process should be smooth from beginning to end. The pool landscaping is as important as the design of the pool itself.

Pool landscaping will give you the kids’ friendly pool, the perfect yard for enjoying all your family and friends.

There are many decisions and information that you can have your input on. When you are investing in pool landscaping, your opinions and taste matter the most. It is profitable to hire the experts to get the best pool landscaping plan like best designs, plants, bulbs and tropical to get the best pool landscape. 

KangarooPaw creates the garden your friends won’t want to leave and make sure that your yard is artistically pleasing is the only goal. Your heaven should be right outside your home.

In this article, you will know all about pool Landscaping, benefits of pool landscaping and most important 6 best pool landscaping designs.

What is pool landscaping:

Pool landscaping is the design of your swimming pool area in the yard. This also includes the choosing the design of your pool, furniture, paving, fencing, lighting and plants. All of this can improve your pool design and also add to its utility and safety.

 A good design pool landscaping will mix of different factors, including – 

  • Safety
  • Utility
  • Lifestyle needs

A pool landscaping can improve the functionality of your pool as well as its appearance.

Why pool landscaping is important:

It is a matter of fact that most of the homeowners skip towards the idea of installing a new pool outside the home without considering the implications of pool landscaping

A good pool landscaping has several benefits for you as a pool owner, such as:

Keeps your pool safe:

All the backyard pools in Australia have to obey the Australian Standard AS 1926, which confirms the pool’s safety as possible for the kids. You need to take this into account for landscaping design. Pool landscaping can make the best use of the area and make sure that your pool is safe and it gives a healthy environment for the kids.

Increase the utility of pool area:

Good pool landscaping provides you with many different ways to use your pool as you want. Also, the pool is easily accessible for swimming and relaxation, pool landscaping also provides your enjoyment and entertainment needs, creating a friendly space around the pool, perfect for entertaining with friends and family without going out of your house.

Makes your yard attractive:

Your swimming pool is an attractive central point in your yard, which is one of the major advantages of your pool. If you get the pool landscaping right, this can be flaunted to the best benefits.

From the design of your pool, positioning it to the plant you choose, your lighting design all ensure your pool’s beauty. A good pool landscaping will confirm that your pool looks beautiful whether it is in bright sunlight or luminous artificially after dark, no matter from which angle you are looking at it.

Increase the worth of your property:

If you ever decide to sell your home and move on, then your property should be appealing to potential buyers. A well-designed pool landscaping will attract the buyer’s attraction at once, and show the many different ways they can use the pool for entertaining guests, fitness, relaxation, etc.

Living in a place like Sydney where the temperature is so high, means a way to cool off is a must. Nothing is a better way than having a pool in your backyard. Integrating attracting pool landscaping ideas can turn a normal backyard into a unique setup.

When you are considering hiring a landscaping professional team for your pool landscaping ideas, quality is the most important thing which you should focus on. Choose a company like KangarooPaw who puts their pride in their work and finish your project quickly and for the best price.

Here are some pool landscaping ideas from KangarooPaw which you should consider.

6 best pool landscaping ideas you need to consider:

Landscaping makes the swimming pool heaven apart from the outside world, the oasis of you on curation. Planning poolside landscaping may seem like an intimidating task because you need to choose the design, plants, etc.

Plants, Colourful flowers:

The Australian climate is optimal for tropical plants, which flourish in high temperature. Hibiscus is the flower which enlivens any landscape. It is with a variety of colours including red, orange, yellow, pink; they are perfect for adding a burst of colours among the greenery. Dicksonia antarctica is a fern tree which grows naturally in the damp shady grooves. Under planting with small ferns will also add an exotic tropical effect in your landscape.

Hosta is a plant with amazing large shaped foliage in a stunning range of colours. Hosta flourishes in shady conditions under the ferns or near a pool or pond. Kentia palm is a great plant for creating an attractive garden by the pool. It provides a little shade and emollient the look of the landscape.

Strelitzia will provide a splash of colour in your landscape. Bird of paradise or Strelitzia will help to create a tropical-looking landscape.

  1. Add a spa, water features:

If you have a long, small space assigned for your pool, an in-ground pool with a vanishing edge is a smooth, smart and clean design consideration. By installing a spa, you can break the basic structure and create en elegant spa and pool combination which is perfect for yards with a fantastic look.

Installing fountains and waterfalls give the feeling like a resort and with that wonderful background noise as you can listen to the waterfall while soaking up the rays. Considering a rock pond or stream to the surrounding area of the pool will be unique. 

  1. Installing terraces:

       The terraced look can be a great pool landscaping idea for privacy, also excellent for homes with a small yard. The landscape will add foliage in layers, which is separated by rocks and stones to provide the appearance of a lush view.

  1. Apply colourful tiles:

You can have a show-stopping pool by using colourful tiles on the floor to fill the pool space. Also, include the pool itself. Pitch some matching floor cushions to make your pool area an oasis of comfort.

  1. Install poolside seating:

      The view of a pool is more than swimming. You can make it more gorgeous and luxurious by adding a well-furnished seating area. For your leisurely Sunday afternoon consider chaise lounges for the around area of the pool. Look for the items which are waterproof and fade-resistant, so they can function for long.

Weatherproof couches, dining areas and settees will look awesome next to your pool.

  1. Add mood lighting:

     A beautiful pool landscape is even more staggering at night if you can use mood lighting it will look more stunning. You can opt for LED pool lights, string lights and landscape lights. A combination of seating around a fire pit and mood lighting with the music of the waterfall surely give you the feel of a magical night.

  1. Add some art:

     If you want to make your poolside more attractive than a stylish and artistic pool might work for you. Adding a brushed cement floor, colourful stone tiles and lantern installation give you the artistically we decorated pool.

When you are looking to get landscaping done in your pool area, in Sydney, it’s important to choose a company who has a team of experts and experienced. We at KangarooPaw Gardening & Landscaping Sydney can ensure that you will not only get the perfect landscape, but our working process is also very simple, reliable and straight cut. Call us today at 0403 037 497!

6 Pool Landscaping Ideas You Need To Consider
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6 Pool Landscaping Ideas You Need To Consider
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