How to take your gardening & landscaping to the next level?

It takes a lot of time, effort and money to get your garden in sync with your expectations and explore the options you have in landscaping. 

And if you are new to it, you can be slightly overwhelmed by all the choices you have to make. So this content piece from us is all about making it simple for you on how you can take your gardening & landscaping efforts to the next level.

As with all good things, let’s get to the process or formula for making great gardening & landscaping choices:

  1. List your requirement: It would be good to list down all your needs and wants. For example, do you want an area for kids to play? A vegetable garden? A patio for family gatherings and outdoor parties? A pool at the side? A set of flower plants around the edges? Think about all the elements you want to focus on, even to the kind of lights in your garden.
  2. Draw rough sketches: Once we have the requirement list ready with us, you should get about making your designs of your vision on the garden. Not that it will be the final option, you’ll get expert advice from the landscaper, but it can be the starting point on what you want. The easiest way to do this efficiently is by thinking about the location for each item you wanted from the list and drawing it up.
  3. Spend some time on the outdoors: The best way to get a fair understanding of what you need is by spending time in the space. A typical estimate is 100 hours which translates to more than a week. But most get a comfortable idea over a full weekend in the area.
  4. Start small and scale gradually: Instead of getting a complete makeover three days, it is always good to start small with the area you landscaped first the most. This way, you are feeling it out before you get it done and have enough time to make up your mind. 
  5. Find your spot: Most people have a favourite place to hang out. That is decided subconsciously or with the family. Find your such place and design it up the way you are most comfortable. Spending extra budget in such a spot is worth your money always. 
  6. Scale your look: This is the most crucial element in the process. Once you have your small starts and favourite spots done, you have to decide with your gardener or landscaper on how you are going to scale it up to get the unified look. Choose your plants and their positioning throughout the garden carefully so that you are not going overboard or falling short. 
  7. Be open to changes: In life, not everything goes as per our planning. So be ready to accept that things might not go exactly as per our plans and be open for new suggestions. Trust in the landscaper you have hired to do their job well. Of course, they are the experts and want to get your requirements executed. But there will be instances that do not match. In such cases, lead with their suggestion. It’ll be for your benefit. And, hey, you can always change them later if you want to!

The above are the seven steps to taking your gardening & landscaping to the next level. We hope you liked them all. If you have any thoughts about landscaping and would like to hire us, please feel free call at 0403 037 497 or visit

How to take your gardening & landscaping to the next level?
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How to take your gardening & landscaping to the next level?
Here are 7 amazing tips to take your gardening and landscaping efforts to the next level!
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