8 Affordable Landscaping Ideas that Work

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Is your garden looking a little lacklustre and needs an upgrade? Well, there is no time like the present to give your garden an uplift. Whether it’s painting an old shelf and existing accessories, getting clever with pots and paints or repurposing old household items, we’ve curated lots of creative ideas which can infuse a new life into your existing garden without breaking the bank. 


If you’re hunting for such inexpensive landscaping ideas to turn your garden ‘drab’ to ‘fab’, then check out these amazing, affordable landscaping ideas that work.

1. Make use of an old wooden palette 

Making your own furniture is always going to prove more budget-friendly, additionally, you get what you want. For this DIY idea, you will need some wooden palettes which can be sourced for free or cheaply from local shops that do lots of deliveries. Arrange them into L shape or horizontally, use some more palettes to create a backrest and tada! you have a cosy outdoor setting.

To add an extra touch of style, you can paint with trendy colours, add some comfortable sitting cushions, a centre table and lighting to make it a wholesome space.


2. Go crazy with your creativity

Adding a splash of vibrant colour behind your existing containers will help to breathe new life into your Sydney landscaping. For this splash of colour, you only need to invest in some quality exterior paints – Choose a coordinating colour palette for pots and paint them to create a cohesive look. 

Using old tyres is another great and widely used idea to add interest to your garden. Grab the old used tyres from your garage and paint them in bright or pastel colour for a chic look. Fill the centre with prepared soil and plant your favourite flowering plant.


3. Upcycle your old furniture

Whether you have an old bench, desk or ladder, give them a room in your backyard. Paint them with your favourite colour, use the desk and ladder as an excellent potting table. Place the ancient bench somewhere in the garden to create more sitting spots while also hinge of rustic features into the landscaping.


4. Add borders 

Borders are a great way to create a professionally landscaped look. Almost all Sydney landscapers use this method to create a clean look as well as to divide the areas. 

Either use native flowers and wooden or plastic borders to divide the area and make it look well-groomed or you can also go with crushed stone or rock as an alternative.


5. Let nature accentuate your garden

It’s not always big things that change the feel of your garden, sometimes a tiny change and addition possess the power to alter the atmosphere. Boost your garden environment by inviting natural elements into your garden. Attract native birds by adding a DIY bird feeder or by infusing native flowers into the flower belts.

Another great way to attract wildlife is with a tiny pond. Using the gravels or stones create a water feature that will not only persuade birds but also act as a  focal point.  


6. Add lighting 

Outdoor lights are a quick, easy and pocket-friendly way to bring a pretty glow to your garden. And our Sydney landscapers don’t ever miss the chance to lit up the space using string lights.

To bring that whimsical glow to your garden get a hold of any lights – solar lights are popular these days but you can choose battery lights, festoon lights, fairy lights or even lanterns. Hang them wherever you want and let them set a new model to the area. 


7. Firepit 

For Sydney landscapers creating a focal point is something really important. But don’t worry! Using this super simple DIY you can create your garden perfect for the evening.

There are several ways to build this, but one of the easiest is to build using stones or brick. Just overlay the stones leaving a couple of gaps for oxygen flow and seal affix the bricks or stones using cement. Lay some sand in the centre, as a base for your fire. Don’t forget to add sitting around the pit to make it ideal for the evening gathering.  


8. Create an interesting pathway

Navigate your garden with a pathway paved with gravel and concrete slab or large stones. This path idea is a staple to create interest in your garden. Additionally, this is an incredible option to break up the boring grass chain and add depth to the area.

Through the myriad of inexpensive landscaping ideas give your backyard an uplift, while also making it look fresh and more appealing.

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