12 Tips For Designing Your Ideal Outdoor Living Space

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The previous year has made us realise the value of an outdoor space since then our garden has become a sanctuary to escape the boring four walls. Now when people have realised the significance of much needed outdoor rooms then why don’t give it a twist of modern & nature. And blend it together for cultivating an aesthetically pleasing outdoor living space where you can share the room with those tiny crippling birds, colourful butterflies and energetic hamsters.

Whether you own a small, narrow, long or big backyard, follow these tips to transform your yard into an outdoor living room. Making whatever space you do have as stylish, comfortable and inviting as your living room but with green hues, the essence of nature and little creativity.

Start with good planning

Before selecting plants and furniture, the first thing you should give thought to, how you want to use the space – do you want to make claiming zen niche or partying sport?

Have a look at the space and surrounding for a vision of what you can experiment in that area and what design can leverage you to utilise it the utmost.

Get the lawn into shape

A well-shaped lawn is the key element of the venture as it will set the entire garden on the right track. If it isn’t manicured and attains a strong shape for the foundation.
The shape of a garden doesn’t limit your designs so even though you don’t have a rectangular lawn – try out different shapes like oval, circle, square or oblong.

Select pants wisely

The best outdoor living designs are those which are infused with structural plants and infilled with pretty blooming plants. So use green shrubs on the edges and end of each border as punctuation along the way. In between the gaps, give room to pretty flowering plants which will add colour and attract local birds. But whatever plants you choose, arrange them in a repeated pattern for a coordinated and harmonised effect.

Brilliantly combination of hardscape

Infusing natural elements for hardscaping gives a sense of living in the lap of nature yet delivers modern, contemporary, inviting and enough hard surface for furniture. So, try incorporating natural flagstones, decomposed granite, wood decking, boulders.

Water features

Create a sense of calm by adding a water feature. The addition will stimulate a refreshing and relaxing sensation. It doesn’t necessarily mean adding an expensive elaborate fountain or waterfall, in fact, just a trickle can have an impact. Aside from aesthetic purpose the sound and sight lend health benefits by soothing the mind and lowering blood pressure.

Let it be warm

The next time when the chilled breeze tries to ruin your outdoor party you won’t need to hustle and shift the party inside if you incorporate the outdoor space with fire features such as a pit or fireplace. And you can enjoy evenings being warmed by the fire all year round and best of all, it lends you the opportunity to bring the family together.

Lit it up

Lighting is a real game-changer. Besides they are the easiest and inexpensive way of adding magic to the outdoor space. Talking of light, festoon lights can be the perfect pick as they can be left all year round. Guiding the way to your home, putting up overshade or creating uplights trees, they’re good to go with everything meanwhile add drama and give an ambient level of light.

The furniture

Choosing the furniture is as essential as choosing the right cheese for the cheese bust. So start with stylish pieces which blend well with the theme, aren’t too bulky and if have a storage capacity or are modular then it’s even better. Group them around an outdoor rug, add an attractive table and tada! You’ve achieved a perfect, sociable living room setup.

Screening and zoning

This is a trending way to change the garden by zoning and section space into different areas for different activities. If you’ve children then create a room for their outdoor activities, give a nook to roses, bamboos or any plant you love, add sitting for nature-filled adobe. Other sections give it a modern touch by adding statement settings arranged such as round or ‘L shaped sofa’, creating a focal point for an urban feel. You can create as many zones as you want as well as space allows.

Create a covered outdoor zone

If you want to create a chill-out zone without letting the sun rays tan your skin then an occasional drizzle, designed an indoor-outdoor area is all you wish. You can build a pergola or use a trail, fast-growing climbers, like clematis or wisteria across taut wires supported on the frame and you’re good to go to enjoy your little paradise setting.

Up the cosy factors

Whether in a casual outdoor lounging of the dining area, paying attention to tiny details with soft furnishings, accessories and twinkling will make the space much more comfortable, tailored and inviting.

Change the fence game

Gone are the days when fencing was just for the purpose of creating peripheries. Now they’ve also made it to the list elevating the mood. So instead of just painting with any colour try stepping over stereotypes and give it a black backdrop or if you’ve got a small area then use the fence for vertical gardening for creating an illusion of big space.

Now if you’ve got an idea of what you want to add then get set started to make your oasis.

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